(from my notes on the calculus projects so far)

Farming Calculus Game – a Bolivian farming themed board game

With powerpoint: explaining the rules of the game. Spin the spinner and solve an area underneath the curve example. Teams solve a calc program and get “profit units”. There are integral problems, max/min problems, arc length problems, etc. Review game with “real life” problems. Alpacas!!!2013-06-04_09h53_46

Related Rates Programming “Falling ladder problem, wrote code in BlueJay (Java)

Showed and explained the variables in the code. Showed how the code reads in and interprets what to solve for. Shows pythagorean theorem in code, shows the code to find the dx,dy, and dz using the calculus.
Now going to a website to get an example and they are going to use their program to confirm the answer. Enters a sample problem in their code, and they get the answer correct! Nice code.


June 4, 2013

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