The prompt for this word cloud is:

What activities/methods/strategies have we done in class that have NOT worked well for you?

So although whiteboards came up in the first question, it also came up in the methods that aren’t working. Interesting. Notes came up the most, and that makes sense in relation to how we run class through the whiteboards. Many students still want to have a traditional notebook with a class set of notes provided. I allow students to do that, but I don’t actively support it, if they’d like to they can do everything on paper. I think students drastically overestimate how much they would refer to their notes and how helpful that is for them in the long run. There are certainly some students who work best this way, but I think it’s a minority. They also have my classnotes (with all examples and answers) available to them in pdfs on a google drive folder. I don’t think they’re used *that* much anyway.

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