Assorted responses to the following prompt:

Anything else you want to say about class to me? Suggestions?

(My responses are in italics)

  • it is very hard to do well in this class because i will never need any of this stuff outside of school so there is no motivation to learn here.
  • I do enjoy how laid back this class is, and how comfortable I feel to ask questions. I do not however feel like I am doing well, no matter how hard I study or ask questions. This class, though not difficult, is just confusing and full of quizzes and tests that most times are hard to remember. I understand the need to review as we go along, but it is just too much.
    The Algebra 2 curriculum is a bear. I try to make it a less scary bear, but it’s tough.
  • moving faster so we aren’t spending days on one topic would be beneficial to me
    So interesting how most students want me to SLOOOOW down (exact quote), but some say we’re moving too slow. I need to work on better differentiation of the material.
  • The energy in class makes it go by quickly yet learn a decent amount
    This is pushback on the lagged quiz system. I believe in it, but I have to sell it better to some students.
  • More packets instead of notes.
    I’m not a packet teacher, I even tried again this year. I just don’t like what I do and what the students do. I understand that some Teachers can rock that kind of classroom, but not me. Know thy self.

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