50 – Fold a sheet of paper to the moon

Did a fun, yet ridiculous question in PreCalc H.

2015-11-23_14h13_05 2015-11-23_14h09_46


49 – Feedback quiz

Typical setup for a feedback quiz. Students giving themselves feedback and writing down the correct procedures and work in a different color pen. Easy for me to look at and quickly ascertain who and what needs more work on which standards. Can you guess which of these students needs more work?


IMG_2186 2015-11-20_13h59_24


48 – In Boston for an IB Roundtable

Drove back and forth to Boston yesterday for an IB roundtable meeting for IB Math HL. Really great experience for me, as a new IB teacher, to get advice and support from fellow IB teachers. I got a lot of great advice on how to grade and administer the math exploration. Cool school, two blocks away from Boston Public Garden. Also I made a lot of good contacts for people to ask for help in the future!



47 – Improper Integrals and Area

While working with improper integrals, we noticed the weirdness that the area underneath 1/x from 1 to infinity is infinity, but the area underneath 1/(x^1.05) from 1 to infinity is finite. To put a point on it (haha), if you look at just the overlap of the areas, the blue graph has finite area, while the red graph has infinite area (since infinity – some number = infinity). Infinity is weird.


2015-11-18_13h23_31 2015-11-18_13h23_37


46 – Madeup Projects

The first half of the class is finishing up their mini Madeup projects. Here’s Lyndon’s stamp of his name! He designed this with code by mapping out the points to make his name and making a square dowel around each of the points, and then rotated a half circle around to make the semi-circle. Hit download and got a file to send to the 3d printer. Very cool!



45 – Integrating Factor to Solve Differentials

This is my first time through with IB Math HL (year 2), and it’s interesting to see how things are different compared to the BC curriculum. There is some smaller stuff from BC missing, like polar equation calculus, and some weird stuff added, like this topic: using an Integrating Factor to solve particular differential equations. It’s a strange little topic and I have no idea how it’s used outside of a few cases. But the students do like solving these difficult and lengthy problems on the whiteboards. Lots of time and space to make mistakes and learn from them. Here are a couple of samples from their work on this example. I printed up my handwritten solution and handed it out so that they could include it in their notes.




44 – Compound Interest

When we talk about compound interest we naturally have to go here :-)



43 – Superball and Geometric Sequences and Series

Geometric Sequences: Can you predict how high the ball will be on it’s 5th bounce?


Infinite Geometric Series: How far did the ball travel until it stopped moving?



42 – After Quarterly

Kept hands busy after they students finished their quarterly.

IMG_2090 IMG_2089 IMG_2088 IMG_2087Untitled


41 – Raspberry Pi

In Introduction to Computer Programming we split up, half the class worked with one of the many Raspberry Pi’s that we have. They’ll play for a couple of days and try and figure out how to make LED’s on a breadboard blink based on Python code.

FullSizeRender (1)

The other half the class started Processing (the p5js variety). Although this was a screwup on my part. They were supposed to start Makeup, the computer language made for creating 3d models. Shoot. These guys will switch over to madeup next class.

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