This post is mostly for myself, but maybe there is some value for you too (isn’t this the case for all blogging)?

I gave out this 2nd quarter feedback form to my Precalc honors and AP Calculus BC classes:

My comments will be in italics. The rest will be verbatim or summarized.

Similarities for Q1: What activities/methods/strategies have we done in class that have worked well for you?

  • Standing Groupwork on Whiteboards (HUGE positive response here. Loud and clear, at least for those who like it.)
  • (PreCalc H) Take Homes (they enjoy working together on tough problems. The students actively liking this is a new one for me, I think it’s because I’ve given more classtime for these takehomes).
  • Marbleslides (A set of Desmos activities) (We didn’t do many other Desmos activities this quarter, the topics didn’t warrant the need.)
  • Writing down examples in notebooks and having the classnotes in a shared google drive. (There is a significant group of students who would rather work on paper than whiteboards, I’d put it at 1 in 5 students. They find some solace in printing out my written notes from the tablet, or at least having those notes available, but I think they’d rather do everything on paper.)

Similarities for Q2: What activities/methods/strategies have we done in class that have NOT worked well for you?

  • Writing more things down in notebook (This is nicely paired from the last bullet in Q1)
  • Seated Whiteboards (They really do like the standing aspect!!)
  • Desmos Activities (This was a small amount of feedback, but they had some great points. A lot of their feedback is talking about my custom activities, so this is not a shot across the bow for Desmos, only for my custom activities. Quick take: I think I make them too dense for some students. There is a high load that they’re being asked to lift on some of these, and there are students who don’t thrive in that environment, depending on the timing of the activity and their (random) partner).
  • Not going over homework consistently (Yep. Not too much volume on it, but it’s dead on. I think their volume was turned down because I figured it out in December and have been improving on it in January). 

Similarities for Q3: What can we do to help you learn better in this class?

  • Scattershot mostly, but hand back work quicker. (Yep.)
  • Some requests to slow down. (This is a hard one. I know where we need to be to put the majority of students in a good spot for May of their senior year when they’ll take the IB or AP exam. I don’t have a great response for this. Do you?)

Excerpts from Q4: Anything else you want to say about class to me? Suggestions?

  • I enjoy the music keep that up.
  • I love whiteboards and take homes!!
  • It would be nice if reassessments could be done on other days than just Thursday or during school study halls.
  • I really like this class. It is fun and interactive. Cool music btw.
  • I enjoy doing whiteboard work and take home work in class.
  • Nothing additional other than stand is great.
  • Love the background music when we work.
  • Great learning efficiency, but sometimes comes with dreadfulness from repetition or notes.
  • Its actually quite enjoyable
  • Are there any good videos to explain some of the methods? Even if they were just linked to classroom that’d be good.


Hey teachers, if you don’t do some sort of feedback form, consider it. Some fantastic feedback, a nice mix of stuff for me to chew on, and some nice motivational stuff from what is working well too.

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