I’m an awful liar, but I somehow totally fooled most of a class for 50 minutes! I told them that there was a dead mouse in a coffee cup on the shelf that I heated up in the microwave so that we could measure the drop in temperature using Newton’s Law of Cooling. What was it really? A cup of hot water with a thermometer. I made lots of silly comments:

It doesn’t smell too bad does it?
Do you think that the ball python in Biology will still eat it after it’s been warmed up a couple of times?
I put it in water so that the fur didn’t singe.
The microwave in the Math/Science Office has seen some messes, so a mouse in a mug is no biggie.
YES the mouse was dead before I put it in the microwave, I’m not a monster.
It was hard to get the thermometer down the mouth so that it could measure the temperature of the mouse’s center mass.

I offered anyone who wanted to look the opportunity, and the one kid who looked didn’t give anything away, in fact he added to the tale by screwing up his face in disgust. Anyway, it’s a really good activity for working with this equation. Our predictions in the two classes were just ok, I’m not sure why they were off by nearly 10%. Anyway, here are some pictures and screenshots of the good stuff.

November 29, 2016

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