Continuation of the 1st Quarter Feedback.

What can we do to help you learn better in this class?

Do more practice problems and study what we are going to be tested on the class before

More worksheets? Working primarily on whiteboards doesn’t help all that much because it get’s wiped away so you can’t go back and look at it

I feel like sometimes we don go over the homework even though I know it isn’t mandatory.

I would like to have a little more time so I can copy more example problems from whiteboards into my notebook so I can look back at them to study.

I would like to spend more time going over homework questions as a class that were difficult. I would also like to put more practice problems into our notebooks.

I’m in between if I like how you do activities on different topics more loosely or not. I enjoy some structure. Like if you just said, “we are working on standard #__” before we started an activity. That helps it solidify in my brain.

DO more practice problems and explain the notes more clearly.

Maybe going through the practice problems a bit slower, or at least leaving up the answers so that those that do not understand well enough to move on can focus on one thing at a time.

I think I am learning well in this class. It helps me to have more problems after completing tasks in class, and these are sometimes provided. Even without these, I believe this class is working very well for me.

Ok, so the feedback on the not covering the homework rings loud in my ears, because I’ve had that feeling for a couple of weeks now. I’m going to be more intentional about what homework is assigned and how we cover it in the beginning of class. I’ve let this particular rope slip out of my hands a bit, and I (and the students) want it tightened up a bit. Check.
Also the feedback for giving more structure to what topic we’re covering and why is important and I’ll do a better job of being consistent with that task. These students wow me with their self knowledge on what they think works best for them. We don’t always agree, but I love that we both have opinions and I can address at least some of their needs by modifying how I do things in class.

Here’s a word cloud for feedback on the following question:

Grading System Feedback. Got any?


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