Give the class a large polynomial, I went with a quartic. Ask them to factor it. On their own, this class decided to work together and assign each student a rational root from the rational root theorem. I advised them to double up to curb mistakes being made. Despite this task being entirely superfluous with technology today, I still think that the skills that they’re learning are important. Sort of like walking to town. Yes I could drive, but walking has it’s benefits too. They’re also learning how to work efficiently. When they’ve found a couple of roots, the groups that divided and used the depressed equations then had an easy to solve quadratic left over. The other groups who never used the depressed equations had some more tough work to do. I have cut this kind of math back over the years, but I don’t see it disappearing completelyc52a79fc-e393-4e9d-ae01-d18be3e6179d2016-10-14_11h13_07

Bonus: Super interesting mistake I saw SEVERAL times by this group later on in the class period. Very interesting. Can you tell what the mistake is?


Double Bonus: Pretty picture of sunrise on my drive in. The sky was like this for less than 5 minutes.


October 12, 2016

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