This curve sketching activity turned out pretty well. I’m a big proponent to students working in pairs at the computer (instead of a 1-1 environment). It’s so great seeing the students discussing and talking through the solutions. This happens with our normal activities, so it’s reassuring to see this continue through the use of technology. Also making the students change who’s doing the input is important otherwise some students allow their partner to fly through and they just veg.

I find it hard to figure out my best role during these activities. Should I be wandering around and spot helping anyone who looks like they might need help? Should I be looking at the dashboard and looking for weaknesses and then going person to group to help? I end up doing a mix of both, but I find it hard to find a balance that I’m completely comfortable with. Not sure why.

I also am finding it hard to figure out what to do with students when they’re “done”. Should I then go back to their responses and make sure that they’ve gotten things correct? Or should I just plan on having too many slides for any group to finish, and so the fastest groups get 80% done, while the groups that take more time are only 50% through? How does this affect each groups’ learning?

Anyway, some pretty great results for the curve sketching portion. I only intervened in a couple of groups per slide, so this is pretty much directly what they had sketched:

2016-05-26_14h15_41 2016-05-26_14h15_53

What I like about these pictures is that the students are talking through things, hands on screen (despite the fingerprints!!), figuring out these tough questions.

IMG_4339 IMG_4340 IMG_4343

And a shot of everyone:


May 31, 2016

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