I tried out the NCTM Illuminations worksheet regarding Law of Sines and Cosines. Mostly because I have an in-class field trip for programming so I’ll miss one of the sections of Precalc Honors and needed a subplan. These precalc students had a ton of practice last year with these topics, so this is more of a refresher activity. The worksheet walks the students through deriving the law of sines and cosines from right triangle trig.
Interesting quote from a student:

I like this, I don’t have to think much.

Yea, I agree. The activity had steps that the students had to think a lot about, and in the process, got lost in what they were doing, and why. Too much reading and following set steps and not enough playing. I don’t blame this particular worksheet, I blame worksheets. I just don’t like them that much. </bias>


February 8, 2016

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