(I didn’t take a picture, so here’s a picture that I borrowed):
The two Introduction to Programming classes took a field trip to Vicarious Visions, a computer game development studio just north of Albany. This was the fourth trip to VV over the years, a real treat to be able to visit such an amazing company. The students had a tour of the entire studio (sorry no pictures, they’re locked down because future games are in development), and then we had a presentation on the jobs involved and a quick Q and A with one of their engineers.
Here are some student responses to trip:

I was really interested in learning about the narrative aspect of video game creation. I love writing, and I never thought of taking that route until I heard about game storytelling in the presentation. I also really loved seeing the building, and the employees at work. They look like they really enjoy being there!

I loved how being an artist goes a long way in the video game industry! Since I doodle a lot, I love the thought of one day having doodles that can potentially count towards something in the future where someday I can say, “”I made that :)”” and feel proud about a design. I thought it was cool to have the ability to take something you drew and put it on the computer where you can color it in just by touching the screen.

Future classes should go on this trip because they would learn a lot about designers,artists, etc, and it would be helpful for them if they are interested in this field

Future classes should definitely go back to VV. The trip was very good, and helped me see what I want to be when I choose my career path.

Part two for this week, geometric sequences and Super balls. We took slow motion video and predicted the height of successive bounces using geometric series. Fun!


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